Club History

The Shack History

This is the club’s current H.Q. and resides near the First Brede Scouts building.

The new club house is finished and is on the site of the First Brede Scout Group in Brede. It is a timber framed building measuring 16ft x 8ft.

Below is a history of the old shack construction.

Construction of the site started on the 3rd June 2008.  Members first had to dig the side of the bank out for the length of the shack (16ft), which was no mean feet, and to a depth of about 15 inches.

This enabled the railway sleepers to sit on the ground with the rafters on top.  All the overhanging bushes were cut back to allow the full height of the shed to stand clear.  The day was dry and fine but members soon become wet from the overhanging branches that were covered in water from the nights dew and from the grass, which was some 2ft high!!

The last but not least thing to do was to line and insulate against the cold weather, and make some steps. We were then ready to put in the tables and rigs ready for operation.

October 2008 saw the club members moving all necessary equipment into the new shack ready to start operating for the JOTA weekend. The spend on new equipment, from the lottery fund that had been obtained earlier, had been installed.