COVID 19 – The Shack is closed. This includes club members.
We patiently await the end of lockdown and any subsequent measures that may be needed.

Originally formed in 2005, our club has recently had a refresh. With a new, dedicated club shack and new members. The club ethos has always been one of operation, rather than solely meetings. You will find us out and about doing special event stations and operating various modes at the club shack.

Our club is located at the Scout Hall Site, Stubb Lane, Brede, TN31 6EH and operates mainly under our permanent special callsign of GB1FBS, so chosen for the club’s close association with the First Brede Scout Group.
Members regularly meet at the club shack every Tuesday morning and the 1st Saturday of each month. We warmly welcome new members and visitors alike, however we would love it if you got in contact with us prior to turning up, so we can make sure there will be someone to welcome you.

Currently we have approved RSGB trainers, and we currently offer 2 stages of the licensing process for those interested in obtaining their amateur radio licence, or for those progressing from a current level.
We also have an approved examination centre.

Please have a look around. We have a new Discover section, that has been made to try and help those new to the hobby, understand more about the huge possibilities that amateur radio can offer.

Club Net : Pending

To join or for any enquiries please contact our Club Secretary, Dan.