As an RSGB registered examination centre, BSARS has the scope to get you started, help you along and you have the opportunity to get lots of hands on experience too.
With several successful foundation and intermediate candidates passing, you can rest assured that we can help you achieve your amateur licence goal.

Our latest exam day saw 1 Foundation and 3 Intermediate successes ! Congratulations to you all.

Everyone has to start somewhere, this is the Foundation licence.
Around 15-20 hours of group learning, some practical and some self study, dependant on your learning needs, should suffice for you to pass the Foundation exam.

Moving up to the next level, the Intermediate licence which is around 35-40 hours of guided study, with more self study, and practical elements which you need to pass before you can take the exam.

BSARS doesn’t currently deliver the Advanced course, however you are most welcome to sit the exam at our centre.

Sept 2019 Note
All the syllabuses have changed, so you will need the NEW books to match the NEW syllabus.
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Foundation :
Intermediate :
Advanced : RSGB bookshop only

Don’t forget that RSGB members get discounts on books !